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Get Involved

No matter your background or how much time or resources you have to give there is a way for everyone to be able to help at Break the Cycle. We believe that everyone in our community is able to help those in need move towards sustainable life choices. If you would like to talk to someone on how you could be involved please contact the office on
Phone: 02 9829 8898

Or alternatively register your interest by downloading this form.


As part of the community we look to our business leaders and Government to show civic leadership in our communities. We are always looking to partner with business leaders to help drive meaningful change in our community. Business leaders provide a wealth of expertise, knowledge and resources that can help to build and develop our community leaving a powerful legacy for our children. If you are interested in exploring how you could partner with Break the Cycle we would love to chat about what our future together might look like with your help.

Workplace Volunteering
Workplace volunteering is a great way to engage and boost productivity within the work environment. Sharing of expertise and resources from the workplace to the community provides employees a way to bring meaning and change to the community they are apart of. It also provides an opportunity for employees to develop and enhance existing skills.


Giving back to the community and helping those around me is important. Having the flexibility and ability to volunteer as part of my job has given me the freedom to help those in need. Partnering with me in my volunteer work is what makes my employer a more attractive place to work. Graham

The success of the program relies on aligning the benefits between both organisations and the employee. We have had incredible success with the program and genuinely appreciative of the expertise that can be shared within the community. To find out more about workplace volunteering and how it could work for your organisation please contact  manager@btc.org.au
Examples Include:

  • Client Assistance – directing clients to the right areas
  • Classes: cooking, wood working, gardening other interests
  • Professional Expertise: You may have expertise that could assist BTCG. Areas could include counseling, business administration, marketing or system development.

Payroll Giving
Payroll giving is a highly effective and tax-efficient way to contribute to the work of Break the Cycle, Glenquarie. For most businesses the work required is minimal but provides a great way for employees to contribute to a local charity and a simple way for businesses to be positively involved in their local community. Even a small amount given by each employee can go a long way to support our work.
To find out more about payroll giving and how it could work for your organisation please contact manager@btc.org.au
Fundraising on our behalf
We love it when anyone would like to raise funds on our behalf! We would love to talk to you about any of your ideas.
Some examples can include:

  • Running or organizing a fun run
  • Having a morning tea
  • Organising a garage sale

If you would like to arrange an event please contact us here and we will help with your fundraising activity and give you some information to assist you.