Empowering Sustainable Life Choices & Communities
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About Us

Our Values

Compassion, Love and Respect!

We value every person as made in the image of God, looking to their intrinsic dignity beyond their immediate problems and choices

We seek to offer genuine hope to people, encouraging them to become all that they were meant to be and do (1Cor. 13:7)

Commitment, Dedication and Perseverance!

We are dedicated to sustained engagement with our clients, recognising it takes time for people to change and there are often no easy answers!! 

We seek collaborative partnership agreements with our clients that promote meaningful change in their life choices!

We work with and in our community to promote positive change realising that we are all important parts of a larger society and therefore have a responsibility to each other.

We invest in relationships with other like-minded organisations recognising the value of working together towards common goals!!

We use the resources our partners share with us in responsible and productive ways, enabling and championing their civic and social responsibility in our community!

We encourage our clients to make sustainable choices that benefit themselves and their community. We strive to act in exactly the same way ourselves.


Sustainability & Community

We believe in building and equipping our community to look after itself. We are always looking for new ways to educate, collaborate and develop new structures that will ensure our communities resilience and self-sufficiency into the future.